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Powell Lawson Creatives

Powell Lawson Creatives: Crafting the creative pieces comprising successful public relations campaigns. Writing. Editing. Photography. Music. Social Media.

Powell Lawson Creatives founder, Carlie Lawson, started her creative career in journalism, writing and editing for newspapers and magazines. She took a few advertising courses after hanging out in the backshop of the first newspaper for which she wrote. That hooked her on both sides of the coin. She similarly studied Web design while working in journalism and became enamored with the notion of moving news communication online. After founding multiple specialized businesses, such as TechGrrl Services and Design Girl Productions, she re-organized all of the specialized small businesses under Powell Lawson Creatives in 2015.

Powell Lawson Creatives Products

PLC offers the same services as its predecessors, under one umbrella. You can turn to us for any of the pieces that comprise a successful public relations campaign. We work with other public relations firms and directly with businesses or individuals. That means a sole proprietor needing only a press release or web site can hire the same agency publicists running major campaigns do. We believe everyone deserves access to quality public relations and advertising at an affordable price.

Public relations requires planning and strategy backed by creative works like the written word, photographs, videos, music, websites and social media. PLC crafts these items for your public relations campaigns:

  • Articles,
  • Blog Posts,
  • Jingles,
  • Online Catalogs,
  • Photographs,
  • Press Releases,
  • Print Ads,
  • Radio Ads,
  • Scriptwriting,
  • Social Media Accounts,
  • Social Media Posts,
  • Television Ads,
  • Web Ads,
  • Web Copy,
  • Web Design,
  • Whitepapers.

Where We Work

Many of our clients came to us after trying to do it themselves. Running a business is tough enough without having to handle every aspect yourself. Some clients use a variety of freelance sites or virtual offices to accomplish their work. We don't ask them to leave their comfort zone. We join them there. So, if you already use the sites Blog Mutt, Hire Writers, Textbroker, Writer Access or Upwork, we're there, too. PLC already knows those systems, how they work, and can help you set up a more effective way of producing your creative materials. You needn't leave the interface you find comfortable nor your existing account manager. We're happy to work with you at any of the above mentioned virtual spaces.

If you haven't used a virtual office yet, we'll work with you through our own system. Our own office overlooks a picturesque pond on the side of a mountain. We prefer virtual meetings because its a beastly commute otherwise. We find that Upwork has a terrific integrated audio/video chat. It works better than Skype.

Our Clients

PLC works with clients across the globe. We've authored products for companies from Australia to Russia, from the UK to Mexico. The bliss of the Internet is its ability to enable individuals and companies from far flung locations to work together to achieve common goals.

Our Specialties

You probably have a specialty in your line of work. So do we. Although we handle PR for clients as diverse as beauty websites, telecommunications companies and fashion blogs, we also nerd out on a few topics even more. Powell Lawson Creatives crafts numerous articles and blog posts for business and finance, especially in the areas of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. PLC also regularly authors pieces on marketing, information technology and business continuity. The latter topic dovetails with the work of Powell Lawson Consulting, our owner's other business.

Contact Us

We admit our office in Oklahoma, USA takes a person way out of the way, but you can email us at carlie @ powelllawson.com or touch base through any of the virtual offices we mentioned. Whether you need a one-time press release or a website with an online catalog and shopping cart, we can help. We'll author the catchy content with SEO keywords you need for your blog to take off. We'll happily design your newspaper ad. Drop us a line or jump on video chat with us. We can help.