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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Get Ready for Summer and End of Summer Marketing NOW!!!

The End of Summer?

Plan Summer Sales Now
I know, you're probably reading that headline and thinking, "Really, Carlie? Memorial Day was just last weekend. Give me a break." But, folks, I am telling you the truth.

We public relations folks need time to work. Our magic that gets shoppers into your storefront and folks in the seats at your performances takes long hours of work far in advance of your event. Now is the time to plan for your Independence Day sale and your Labor Day sale.

Call your publicist.Call up your publicist on Monday to talk strategy. Have your sales numbers from the last three years for the first week of July and for the long Labor Day weekend ready. Share those numbers with your publicist and talk about your sales goals for this year. Your publicist can help you create a summer marketing plan that draws more customers into and through your sales funnel.

Analyze the past three years of sales. Talk about strategies that worked in the past and things you have not tried yet. Perhaps a drip campaign can draw your existing customers into the store. Maybe a new billboard on the interstate by the exit nearest your store can pull in new customers. If you have never advertised on the radio or television or web TV, perhaps now is the time. If you do not already use social media or you under use social media, now may be the time to begin a Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest campaign. Your publicist can help you with analytics to determine which social media the majority of your customers use. There is no point in advertising on a medium that your target audience does not use.

Try new strategies.Try something new this summer. Start now. Reap the benefits all summer long. By Labor Day weekend, you'll see less red and continue moving your business into the black.

Call your publicist. Get to work now on what will bring you customers all summer long. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Call or text Powell Lawson Creatives at 405-283-6635 or drop us an e-mail using the contact form. Let PLC help you land new customers this summer.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Put Back-to-School Content to Work for Your Sales

Parents already began planning for their children's back-to-school shopping. That means if you're a manufacturer, retailer or e-tailer of school supplies, clothing or dorm needs, you need your ads, blogs, commercials and promotions planned and currently executing.

What's at Stake?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) this year, consumer back-to-school spending will reach $82.8 billion between kids returning to school and young adults returning to college. That divvies up to $27.5 billion for kindergarten through high school needs and $55.3 billion for young adults going to college. Your piece of that depends on your product and your effort.

When Shopping Starts

Parents plan now for back-to-school and shop starting around Amazon Prime Day which in 2018 fell on
July 16th. That's when 84 percent of retailers saw an upswing in the past and reported it via a RetailMeNot survey. Of those retailers, 60 percent planned to begin their promotions before Prime Day.

How to Target Shoppers

Most parents window shop and compare prices from their mobile phones. You need to know your customers' likes and wants. According to Invalid Inputs, you need to determine the preferred content lengths, media and outlets of your customers and your target audience. Provide what your target audience needs to position yourself in front of the advertising and marketing glut.

Hit the times of day that these users will most likely target their searches and browsing. Career dads and moms shop from work, so that means coffee breaks and lunch time posts. If your business or store front lies within a major city with many bus or train commuters, blog in the early morning, then hit Twitter and Instagram with the promos of it timed to hit the top of their feeds at 7 or 8 am when their commute begins.

Don't ignore live advertising either. The week before school starts provides the ideal window for in-store promotions. Have small giveaways that build brand memory. Your pen, mouse pad or t-shirt stays in a consumer's head while a coupon you hand them goes from you to them to the checker when they purchase.

Don't ignore online coupon opportunities either. Provide a coupon that works for existing and new customers on websites like RetailMeNot or Coupon Cabin. Universal coupons help you retain customers while attracting new customers. Retention plus new customers equals bottom-line growth.

Major Purchase Categories

Aside from the obvious office supplies purchases like paper and notebooks and pens, what categories
will consumers mainly purchase from on the go, you ask. In overall back-to-school shopping on the go, apparel will receive 53 percent of the purchases. Electronics comprises 67 percent of all purchases. For furniture, because, yes, little kids need study desks, too, 74 percent of purchases. The college crowd needs things like mattresses, small appliances, etc. Finally, housewares comes in at 64 percent because everyone gets a lunchbox and thermos. (My Oprah homage. You get a lunch box and thermos. You get a lunch box and thermos.) For the college crowd, the big buys include starter dishes.

It's time for your back-to-school campaigns. Plan and execute your ads, blogs, content marketing and more to increase your reach and your sales. Let Powell Lawson Creatives help you provide your customers with content that educates, informs and sells your products. Let us help you earn your piece of the back-to-school pie.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What is a creative piece?

So, what the heck is a creative piece, you ask? If you just started a business, you probably had a business card made. That qualifies as a creative piece. So does your letterhead, your website, your newspaper ad and that TV ad you'll buy eventually. Each product photo in your online or print catalog is a creative piece. Each tweet, Facebook and Instagram post also qualifies as a creative piece. So does a press release, a blog post, a magazine article or a white paper.

We work with other public relations firms because many PR firms lean toward the planning and strategic side of the business. Your publicist may rock at campaign design, but lack zingy copy writing skills. She may strategize stellarly and land you bookings on talk shows galore, but lack the focus to focus on a great camera shot. Or he may not live near individuals with those talents. We help each other. Whether its a large firm or a solo publicist, Powell Lawson Creatives works with them - or you directly - to craft the perfect pieces for your press packet. These partnerships deliver zesty words, sexy headshots and sing-a-long jingles.